If the Puck does not move once the game is coined up even when the crank handle is being spun it can be cause by once of the following issues. please check then in steps.

1) Does the magnetic clutch engage when the game is coined up? When the game is coined up you should feel the crank handle magnetic clutch engage, if not check to see fi you are getting 12 volts to the magnetic clutch when coining up the game.

2) If the magnetic clutch is engaging when the game is coined up, the electric generator  ( under the handle assembly) should be producing variable voltage between 0 and 13 volts depending on how fast you spin the handles. If no voltage at the generator then replace the Crank handle generator P/N TN-01-1095.

3) If the Generator is working properly then check the voltage going to the blower fan under the large acyclic tube ( there are two access doors on either side of the Tube to allow easy access). The Blower fan will have 3 wires ( red, black, yellow) If the fan is getting 12 volts across the red and black wires and the puck is still not going up during game play then you might need to replace the Fan Control board (P/N TM-01-1068).

4) If changing out the fan control board does not fix the issue then the Blower fan has a short or has an air obstruction. The blower fan is P/N TM-01-1080.