An E- will show on a score SEG display when a ball score sensor (Mechanical) is stuck in the closed or activated position. The Error will score on the Score SEG display of the sensor that is effected.

Normally just resetting the mechanical switch will fix the issue but if this seems to be a continual issue then, check to make sure that the switch wire is located directly in the middle of the score channel and that any ball will roll under the switch wire and cause it to activate and then deactivate.

In some cases, you may need to adjust the location of the switch itself. 

  • Check voltage to micro-switch and signal to the I/O Board
  • Ensure the switch is not stuck in an open or closed position
  • Replace micro switch if mechanical switch continuously gets stuck. 
  • If switch is operating as intended issue might ne a bad input chip to the score switch. Depending on the location it could be un the U08, U09 or U10 position. To determine check the I/O Board inputs and output chart attached. Your spare input chips are in the U11 and U12 locations. These chips should only go in one way and the chip and the socket both have a notch to indicate orientation.