Game will display Error 1-6 on the Score SEG Display

Error 1 - 5 are Score Ring Sensor Errors, The game "sees" snow in the tube when the game knows the snow gate door below the tube is open. The error will show on the side and on the SEG display for the ring that is affected.

Error 1-5 can be resolved by one of the following:

1) clean snow from inside the ring sensor holder and retest

2) realign the emitter and receiver with a strait edge, there are 2 sets and the receiver and emitter could just be misaligned.

3) Snow Tube could be dirty and/or damaged blocking the emitter from passing thru the tube to the sensor on the other side.

4) Score ring could not be getting enough voltage from the Segment board causing low emitter distance

5) Score ring sensor could be damaged and needs to be replaced.

Error 6 is an error with the Snow gate door stepper motor. If this is the issue please see attached file.