Every time you turn the game on all the cups should cycle up and then back down into the table to initialize the game. If you game does not do this and the alarm sounds follow the steps below.

1) Check to make sure the motor is getting 12 volts DC on power up. The signal will only last about 30 seconds when the game is first powered on so you might have to power cycle the game a few times to test for voltage.

        A) If the motor is getting 12 volts and still no motion then replace the motor and / or test for motor linkage binding.

2) If no voltage to the motor check the other side of the Capacitor connector on the wiring harness and see if you get 12 volts there.

        A) if you get power on the other side or the capacitor harness then you need to replace the capacitor motor protection circuit.

3) If still no voltage on stat up please check the Tip 122 on the I/O board that corresponds with the cup you are working on. Look for a burned tip 122 or burned trace on the backside of the I/O board.